Kicking things off…

So I thought I’d start off with what has been happening recently and a little bit about what I’m planning for the near future.

Last Saturday I had my most recent live gig with the wedding/club band I’m a part of – Dead Man’s Shoes. I’ve been on guitar duties in the band since early 2011, when I took over from John McFarlane – a previous guitar tutor of mine – as he pursued another career. Saturday’ gig was in Arta in Glasgow’s Merchant City area, where we play  a couple of times a month usually – See the Live Dates section at the top for further info!

The good thing about playing in a nightclub on a Saturday at the end of the month is that a lot of people have just been paid so they’re more likely to come out clubbing. I wasn’t surprised that the place was pretty packed by the time we hit the stage at midnight. Playing the likes of Maroon 5, Girls Aloud, Kings of Leon, The Killers and Mumford & Sons is made a lot easier when everyone’s dancing and having a good time, so we tend to feed off the energy from the crowd and usually have a good time. We have another Arta gig this coming Saturday – again from midnight – so I’m sure if it’s as remotely busy as last week then it should be a great gig.

The latest from uni is that I’ve established what I’m doing for my Major Music Project (MMP), with the assisstance of course leader Graham Weir. I’m going to be working on a extended play (EP) of original compositions. I’ve got a lot of ideas bouncing around my head already and I’m thinking a lot about the actual direction that I want the recording to go in. Vocals (don’t worry, not mine!) are something I’m very interested in using, but whether they take a lyrical form or perhaps another, such as using the voice as an instrument, akin to much of Liz Fraser’s work (see Cocteau Twins). I’ll have more on this by the time I post my next blog, no doubt!

Today I had a class meeting with our programme leader Bryden Stillie with regards to our Advanced Musical Performance portfolio. We were mainly discussing the written evaluation we have to submit next trimester, but I got to thinking about the Demo CD that we also have to create. As the material on the CD can’t be something that we are also submitting for MMP, I have to look elsewhere, so I’m toying with the idea of getting into the studio and recording one of the pieces I performed for my 3rd year recital in May 2012. There’s a few possibilities, so if it’s an acceptable endeavour I’ll update you on what I decide to do.

That’s all for now. Thanks!!

– Maxwell

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