Recital thoughts…

It’s not for another five months or so, but the organisation for my recital is kicking off. It looks like I’ll be having my recital on the same evening as my fellow guitar aficionados Alex Moffat and Stevie ‘The Rose’ Rose and it should be a good night as we each have very different influences, so expect a diverse programme of music for that night – date yet to be determined.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with my tutor Taj Wyzgowski in one-on-one lessons in order to establish my recital programme. As well as being pretty enthusiastic about my ideas, he’s given me a couple of great suggestions which we’ve been working on together. One of which is a piece by Harold Arlen (composer of ‘Over the Rainbow’) called ‘Last Night When We Were Young’. We’ve mainly been looking at Frank Sinatra’s version which appears on his album ‘In The Wee Small Hours…’ as a reference point for the tune, although the arrangement I’ll likely be playing will be very stripped down – possibly just guitar and vocals.

The melody in the piece is fantastic. It’s haunting and fairly melancholic. I’m looking to take advantage of this sense of melancholy and unease throughout and create something really interesting and ‘out there’.

Anyway, in the next week or so I’ll be looking at recruiting band members and I’ll announce them here when they’re confirmed. That’s all for now!
– Maxwell

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