An interesting request…

Good evening comrades! I noticed I still had the following post in my drafts from back in October as I had forgotten to post it. Here goes:

Saturday night was the latest in a run of gigs my band had at Arta in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. It was a reasonably good gig as I recall. The crowd were great and that really is what makes gigs like that worthwhile. Towards the end of the gig though, I had one of those moments that we all look forward to as musicians – a pretty lady making eyes!

So we finished the gig and she approached me to ask if she could talk to me after I had finished packing my gear away. Seemed to me that the night was about to get a lot better, then I couldn’t help but be taken by surprise when she told me the reason she wanted to speak to me. Firstly, I was complimented on my playing – which was a good start – before I found out that she was a high school music teacher wondering if I would like to participate as a judge in the talent show at her school.

Not quite what I was expecting! Anyway, it turned out that I was unable to do it due to the location, but I’ll certainly remember it as one of the more interesting requests I’ve had after a gig at 2:15 in the morning!

– Maxwell

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