Dead Man’s Shoes and Joy

As I’ve mentioned before, the function band I play for is Dead Man’s Shoes. We’re Glasgow-based but do the odd gig in Edinburgh and play Weddings all over the country. Recently we have had a major personnel change with the arrival of new singer Madaleine Pritchard and the departure of Greg Barrowman. My best wishes to Greg in the future! Great guy, and we had a lot of fun with him in the band. But moving on, with over 15 years of experience performing and teaching, Maddy has been a great addition to the group.

After re-invigorating our set with some more contemporary material, which is also well-suited to a female singer, we are now getting much more comfortable playing together as a group, and I am feeling much more optimistic about the future of the band. I look forward to adding more material for the upcoming wedding season. But for now, we have some club gigs to focus on!

Additionally, we are booked in to shoot a promotional video towards the end of February. I’ll be sure to post some of the footage on here when it’s ready.

Photo taken by Antonio Tammaro

Photo taken by Antonio Tammaro

Dead Man’s Shoes:
Madaleine Pritchard – Lead Vocals
Stephen Maxwell – Guitar
Kevin Kerr – Keyboards
Jay Kilbride – Bass
Chris Whitehouse – Drums and Backing Vocals


Also on the horizon are some gigging opportunities with another band I’m playing with, called Joy. Recently we were booked to play our first gig at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh, but we had to pull out at the last minute due to the singer being caught up in snow on her way from Perth. Luckily I hadn’t loaded all of my gear into the taxi before I got the message!

However, we’ve managed to land ourselves another gig in there on Tuesday the 26th of February. I’m quite looking forward to it. We also have a rehearsal coming up with the possible inclusion of keyboard player Jondi Mac. I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve played with many people who have and I have heard he’s a really good player, so I’m looking forward to him adding a new dynamic to the band.



Emma Williamson – Lead Vocals
Harry Brown – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Stephen Maxwell – Lead Guitar
Paul Young – Bass Guitar
Scott Jamieson – Drums
plus Jondi Mac – Keyboards

More to come soon!

– Maxwell

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