The Voodoo Rooms

Today I finalised the date of my recital at The Voodoo Rooms on 19a West Register Street in Edinburgh. On Tuesday 16th April 2013 from 7pm, I, along with Alex Moffat and Stevie Rose, will each be performing 35 minute recitals to a panel of two examiners and an audience of family, friends and the general public.

It’s completely free to attend and it would be great to have a full house for our final Napier recital. I’m not sure what the other guys will be playing yet, but my programme will include music from the likes of John Scofield, Snarky Puppy, Pat Metheny, Stevie Wonder and more. More details coming soon on that.

I’m also in the process of sending out charts to prospective musicians for my ensemble and will be looking to start rehearsals soon. I’m looking forward to playing again with the likes of David O’Leary and Ally McLachlan as we have some experience playing together as they played in my third year recital. I’m also looking forward to playing with Brian Macleod again, who I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a few times. He’ll be joining me on the drums for one piece and percussion for another.

I’m looking forward to getting started!

More soon! Stay tuned.

– Maxwell

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