Photo Shoot

Hi guys,

So last night I had my first ever photo shoot. An interesting experience overall, I must say! I was working with the talented Antonio Tammaro (twitter | flickr) out and about in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, before moving indoors where I was playing between midnight and 2am with Dead Man’s Shoes in Arta for some live shots of myself with the band. Fortunately the set went pretty well and the crowd were pretty good throughout, although I did feel a little sorry for Antonio at several points being asked to take pictures of groups of friends in the crowd!

Overall, the shoot was a great and useful experience for me as it’s not the kind of environment I feel too comfortable in, but I suppose I have to get used to this type of thing! The only real negative was the bitterly cold Glaswegian air at 11pm on a Saturday evening. However, I hope it will all have been worth it when I get the final result. Antonio will hopefully be getting them to me in the next few days, so keep an eye on the Gallery section of this site. I will also be posting them on my personal facebook, .

– Maxwell

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