Video Shoot

On Sunday 24th of February, my wedding/function band Dead Man’s Shoes had our first video shoot. We are currently exploring ways of improving our own promotion, so creating a promo video showcasing a range of songs in different styles seemed like a good place to start. I think the promo video will likely be a 5 minute video showing parts of each track that we recorded.

As well as the video shoot, I am currently working on a revamp for our website – as the old one is very out-of-date and has not been updated in a long time. I will post links to the website when I get it finished!

One of Gordon's cameras in our three camera setup

One of Gordon’s cameras in our three camera setup

We filmed at the Connect Music Complex in Renfrew, which I believe is the home Tommy McGrory’s Loud n’ Proud School of Rock Orchestra. Tommy is going to be taking care of sound duties at many of our gigs this wedding season, so he was kind enough to allow us to use the facilities. We had our good friend and former bass player Gordon Ferguson (along with Eve Bulloch) recording audio and video, and he will also be taking care of the editing of the video.
Connect Music ComplexIn total, we filmed six tracks – two contemporary pop tracks, one classic and one contemporary rock track, as well as two jazz standards chosen by our singer Madaleine Pritchard (one ballad and one up-tempo). They are as follows:

  1. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
  2. Emelie Sandé – Next To Me
  3. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
  4. Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
  5. Standard (Ballad) – My Funny Valentine
  6. Standard (Up-Tempo) – All Of Me
Jay, Chris and Kev getting set up!

Jay, Chris and Kev getting set up!

It was a great opportunity for us, as well as an enjoyable experience! Unfortunately, the heating had not been left on, so it almost felt like we were playing outdoors for a while before things started to heat up (big thanks to the stage lights!)

I particularly enjoyed playing All Of Me – probably due to the fact that we recorded that track last, and by then I was finally started to get warmed up! Anyway, I look forward to playing more tunes like that as part of our mini-set of jazz standards in the upcoming wedding season for 2013.

Gordon's trusty desk

Gordon’s trusty desk

Stay tuned for my next blog entry, about the upcoming first gig of Joy at Whistlebinkies on Tuesday 26th of February.

– Maxwell

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