As I have discussed before, my major project revolves around the writing and recording of an EP of my own music. The main challenge for this project has been that I am completely new to songwriting, but it has been a rewarding experience so far.

Recording for the EP, with engineer and co-producer David O’Leary, is already underway and I have laid down the nylon-string guitar parts on five tracks, some images from that particular session can be seen below. Next up I hope to be recording both electric and steel-string acoustic guitars, followed by vocals. However, I will not be able to get back in the studio for around 2 weeks, so in the meantime I intend to work on writing other parts for the five tracks I have started recording, as well as finishing off the writing of a sixth song. I will be doing this by accessing the Music Labs at Craighouse Campus, which is equipped with Pro Tools 10.

As you can see, we are using the microphone techniques that were discussed in my previous blog entry. This time we had much higher quality microphones, on loan from The Ware House in Leith, Edinburgh. The top microphone in the images is a Shure SM81 and the bottom one is a Neumann KM84. The sound we got was great as a result and I am looking forward to recording more and hearing the final result.

It’s worth pointing out that I am writing original music under the pseudonym of “new:monik” as I like the idea of keeping these two things separate. I don’t intend for my own name to appear on the finished EP at all. At the moment, the material is not something I plan to perform live. Instead I hope to promote it by seeking out music journalists to review the material, as well as promoting it via social media and also trying to gain interest with regards to possible synchronisation agreements. I hope to get some samples of the music up before the deadline date so that I can get some feedback from everyone!

In addition to the writing and recording process, I have been working on the artwork recently, using source images from my Photo Shoot with Antonio Tammaro – with his permission – and editing them in PhotoShop to conform to the style of the music I am creating. Here is a good idea of what I hope the front cover will look like. Any opinions are more than welcome!

new:monik - Front Cover

Next up will be a blog entry about my recent gig at the Queen’s Hall at the Resonate: Jazz event, supporting the Edinburgh Schools Jazz Orchestra (ESJO).

– Maxwell

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