EP Release

This Sunday (7th of July 2013), I will release my debut EP as “new:monik”.

AmazonBandcamp iTunes Spotify

Writing and recording this EP was a really rewarding experience and brought out a part of me creatively that I never realised was there. It is basically the result of a major music project I had in my final year at university. I got some really positive feedback on my writing and it’s something that I would like to continue doing. My vocals are by no means my strong point and I am under no illusions, however, the thought of having someone else sing what I had written for this EP did not feel right so I decided to just go for it myself.

There are five tracks on the EP, four of which have vocals. The other, “Ocean”, is an instrumental soundscape using loops and some samples to open the EP. Here is “Red”, another one of the songs from the EP:

new:monik – Red

You can find out some more about the EP on the new:monik page of this website. In the near future there is also the possibility of a music video for one of the songs, which I am rather excited about.

I organised digital distribution with EmuBands, who I would definitely recommend, as they have been very helpful throughout the process of getting this ready to release. As of the 7th of July 2013, everyone will be able to purchase the EP via digital download on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. It will also be available from Bandcamp in both digital download format, and a physical CD version. The digital download will be priced at £3 from Bandcamp and the CD version priced at £4. All other prices are set by the respective vendors.


Since completing the project and the EP, I have continued to write songs, so perhaps in the future there may be another release with some more original material, but for now I am just interested to see what happens, if anything, with this release.

– Maxwell

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