Yet Another Video Shoot

Since the beginning of the year, Dead Man’s Shoes (DMS), have been looking to play more weddings in the future and started looking into agencies who could help us achieve this. The first such agency most bands would come across is Hire A Band. They have become very successful in their field and go to great lengths to promote each act with photography, as well as audio/video recording. With a great reputation and our keyboard player Kevin having worked with them before, it seemed like the ideal choice and we soon got things moving and signed with them.

On the 18th of July, we filmed our promotional video for Hire a Band. We spent a couple of hours getting set up and filming in the theatre of the Magnum Centre in Ayrshire. The shoot (on-set pictures above) was filmed by Steven Galert of Colourwheel Media and we also had Del Cotton, the Managing Director of Hire A Band, present. It was great to meet Del and discuss the band and the video shoot was good fun too. Steven used a single steadicam and recorded four video takes of each song and edited them to one of the four audio takes and created a 4:30 clip that you can see below. Considering we were not using a click-track, it can always be tricky to keep the tempos the same for each take, but I think we did a pretty good job and there is a nice result.

DMS Promotional Video

  1. Jessie J – Domino
  2. Beyonce – Crazy In Love
  3. Adele – Make You Feel My Love
  4. Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher

We will be performing at the next Hire A Band showcase on the 29th of August at the Alea Casino from 7:30pm. The first band is on at 8pm and we will be the last of the four bands performing that night. We had a rehearsal in preparation for the showcase last night and I am feeling really positive about it. I can’t wait to get on stage! I will be sure to update you on how it went in my next blog post.


In other news, as of last week I have parted ways from the Edinburgh soul act, Joy. I was a member for a little over a year. I had some good times playing with them and any gig experience is always a positive. You can find my blog posts relating to Joy here. I wish them all the best for the future and hope that they go on to great things!

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