Emma Nuèlle

Emma Nuèlle delivers new age sexy-disco-pop. It is the brainchild of songwriters Emma Bryceland and Ross Campbell. Live performances and music videos will be on the way in 2014. The live band lineup is:

  • Emma Bryceland (Vocals)
  • Stephen Maxwell (Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals)
  • Lewis Shaw (Electric Bass and Backing Vocals)
  • Robbie Noble (Keyboards)
  • Ben Montgomery (Drums)
Emma Nuèlle

Emma Nuèlle

Emma Nuèlle isn’t a narcissistic supermodel who likes to listen to punk-funk and feign negroni mock sophistication. Rather she is the diva reincarnate – a disco chameleon who casts a shadow of glitter. Her voice, her poetry, her face – the million mirrorball reflections which illuminate and speak of our dreams, desires and fantasies. Emma Nuèlle. Drama Queen.

Emma Nuèlle – Honey (Official Video) nsfw